DD&A Recognized by the City of Monterey

The Mayor, City Council and Citizens of Monterey


Denise Duffy & Associates, Inc.

On their 30th Anniversary


Denise Duffy & Associates has been a part of the Monterey community since

the company was founded in 1984, providing professional planning and

environmental consulting services to clients on the Monterey Peninsula and

further afield.


Denise Duffy & Associates has demonstrated successful and effective

environmental leadership and stewardship to public and private sector



Denise Duffy & Associates has provided a high level of professional

services, planning and environmental consulting services and shown

outstanding leadership in effective environmental problem solving, meeting

planning goals of clients while respecting the natural resources that enrich

our community.


Denise Duffy & Associates professional team continues to grow in the

quality of environmental consulting services provided and in their passion

for contributing to their communities and natural environment.


The City of Monterey recognizes and congratulates Denise Duffy &

Associates on their 30 years of achievement and contributions to the field of

environmental planning.


December 2014                                            Chuck Della Sala, Mayor